Which is best general insurance to take?

"Im 18"I reduce my motor insurance deductible this morningCould you rent a car ?
I am 15 1/2 and that I got my permit my california's people allow in march. I wont be relevant to get my drivers license until october. do I've to become on my parents insurance to travel now
which condition normally has lower rates? NY which will be my present state is a much higher rate than these two but im unsure which will be reduce out of the two.
"I have car insurance Best insurance in Illinois?
"I am aware insurance is essential"Im just questioningTherefore my dad rearended somebody genuinely gentlyWith 5000 what is the car that is top I cover and could acquire at 17?
"Didn't wish to restore the automobile insuranceEnable American health insurance card?
How long do you have to document a collision to your insurance carrier?
Our parents are separated and i reside with them each 50% of that time period. I simply made 16 and was put under my parents insurance. When im at my parents home am i permitted to generate her vehicles despite the fact that i am not listed under her insurance and reside in her household parttime???
"What does your credit paying with spending greater/lower auto insurance prices"Well I had been researching insurance charges on gocompare on a 1989 205 1.0 when i listed it at 2500 the insurance was 4k however when i place the real cost the insurance went around 6k

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